Most of the youth programs lead up to major concerts, performances, showcases and features.  Recitals and the “showcasing” element of youth programs are essential to budding artists.  It strengthens stage presence, promotes self esteem, reinforces improvisational skills, and allows youth a chance to experience praise as a reciprocal measure of their invested time and hard work. In addition, at various times throughout the year, youth ensembles are called on to perform at various events.

Past venues have included the Philadelphia Convention Center, The Franklin Institute, the Philadelphia Museum of Art, The Lincoln Center, The U.N. Building in New York, The International Jazz Educators Conference in Anheim, California, Berklee City Music Network Conference and Festival and many other venues.  The Philadelphia Clef Club youth have been featured on Channel 6, The Daily News, The Philadelphia Inquirer, and WRTI – Temple University’s Jazz Newsletter.