Giant Steps Music and Performing Arts

The “Giant Steps Music and Performing Arts” program is designed to broaden student’s musical horizons by teaching them about the world of music.  These programs will not only focus on discussing and familiarizing students with major jazz musicians, but exploring music from all over the world. Performance will be a key component for each presentation, appreciating other cultural backgrounds. These programs will also emphasize American musical background.


Students will learn to understand and appreciate Jazz music and other modern genres from American Music by discovering its origins.  Teaching artists will initially focus on jazz music and also touch upon classical music, swing, and Rhythm and Blues, contemporary and hip hop. By doing so students will learn how American base music affects people of all ages, cultures and backgrounds.

School Presentations

Teaching artists, Faculty Ensemble as well as special guest musicians will present performances in multi-media, musical presentations, informal talks and question and answer sessions.  In school, performances can be divided into two assembles; informal talks and mini workshops which will occur before or after a performance to small groups of no more than twenty students.  Performance topics listed below:

  1. Modern Keyboard
  2. Vocals
  3. History of African American Music (Jazz)
  4. Be bop to Hip Hop
  5. Percussion Instruments (Latin & African)
  6. The Modern Drummer