The Clef Club offers a variety of educational options for students of all ages and experience levels.


Individual Lessons

Individual lessons are offered at all levels in all music technology and recording, piano, vibes, drums, saxophone, trumpet, trombone keyboard, string, brass, percussion and fingerboard instruments as well as in voice music theory, and composition.  The Philadelphia Clef Club maintains several musical instruments and encourages students to have an instrument for study and, in limited circumstances, may be able to assist students in acquiring instruments on loan.

Lessons are offered on-site at the Philadelphia Clef Club.


General Youth Ensembles

This program is the standard grouping of youth who learn and perform together based on skill level.  Youth are assessed by instructors who will also consider age and maturity before placing students into one of the following ensembles: junior-level for beginners, intermediate level, and senior level for more skilled players  Once assigned an ensemble youth are taught jazz compositions that are in line with their group capacities.  As students improve they may progress to more advanced ensembles groups