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Youth who show advanced talent and skill obtain hands-on experience playing with seasoned musicians in professional practices and performances.  The mixture allows for mentoring and exposure to a more complex musical repertories and jazz compositions.  In this setting youth are expected to learn and perform arrangements in the same manner as the more skilled musicians.

The Jazz Ambassador Ensemble Program is open to all instrumentalists.  There is no age restriction.  The Jazz Ensemble is an introductory and advanced course that prepares the students for improvisational and ensemble musical interaction. The advanced ensembles are matched with players who are on the same musical level. Students experience the rewards of creating in a small setting and performing throughout the Philadelphia area.  The ensemble program’s goal is to teach the language of music.  The program teaches reading, basic harmony, intervals, keys, scales, simple harmonic progressions and melodic structure.  Placement in the advanced ensembles is based on testing, auditions and teacher recommendations.  Students in the advanced ensembles are required to enroll in a private, semi-private or group class.